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Dishwasher leaves white residue on dishes and cutlery

If the dishwasher leaves white residue on dishes and cutlery, the cause of the problem could be a combination of salt or limescale. 

  • If you can wipe off the white coating with a finger, it is probably salt residue.
  • If you cannot wipe the coating off but you can remove it with a small amount of vinegar, it is probably limescale.
  • Ensure that the cover has a seal and is fitted correctly on the salt dispenser.
  • Ensure that the salt dispenser is filled with salt.
  • Check that the softening unit is set correctly according to the hardness of your water.
  • If you live in a hard water area, you may need to add salt and rinse aid with multi tabs / 3ien to achieve good dishwashing results.
  • If there is white lime coating on the inside of the appliance, this can be removed using detergent / descaling agent for dishwashers. You will find detergents in our Webshop. (You can visit our Webshop by clicking on the link below).
  • The white coating on crockery and cutlery can be removed using vinegar or a descaling agent. Always follow the instructions on the descaling agent, as there may be a risk of corrosion if you do not use protective gloves.