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Fabric conditioner runs directly down into the washing machine's drum


  • Fabric softener runs directly into the drum
  • Fabric softener dispenses too soon
Applies to:
  • Front loaded washing machine
  • Top loaded washing machine
  • Washer-dryer

1. Follow the product manufacturer’s recommendations on quantities to use and do not exceed the «MAX» mark in the detergent dispenser drawer.

2. Avoid closing the detergent dispenser too hard. Gently close the detergent drawer at the start of every wash cycle

3. Clean the dispenser drawer as described in the user manual

You can download user manual here.

  • Putting too much fabric softener into the compartment
  • Pushing the detergent drawer too hard
  • Dirt / residue in the dispenser drawer
  • If the detergent drawer is opened at the start of a cycle, the fabric conditioner flows directly into the drum while the water is filling up.
  • It can be checked only after the second time when water fills up. Up to this point the fabric conditioner should be there.

The maximum level of fabric conditioner is indicated on the lid.