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How does Hob²Hood function work in electronic gas plates?


  • How does Hob²Hood function work in electronic gas plates?
Applies to:
  • Electronic gas hobs
  • Hob²Hood is an advanced automatic function which connects the hob to a special hood. Both the hob and the hood have an infrared signal communicator.
  • Speed of the fan is defined automatically on the basis of the mode setting and temperature of the hottest cookware on the hob.
  • The hob automatically sets the speed of the fan according to the cooking process.
  • You can also operate the fan from the hob manually.
  • The hood operates only when the hob is activated.
  • For most of the hoods, the remote system is originally deactivated. Activate it before you use the function. For more information refer to the hood user manual.

Automatic Hob²Hood modes

Mode Mode description Automatic light Automatic fan speed
H0 Manual Off Off
H1 Auto light On Off
H2 Fixed speed On 1
H3 Auto speed low On 0-1
H4 Auto speed mid On 0-1
H5 Auto speed high On 0-2
H6 Auto speed intense On 0-3