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LED flashes on the washer - dryer's display


If a LED flashes on the washer - dryer's display, refer to the suggestions below for step by step instructions.

  • Check the function buttons, which may be present on the appliance’s control panel.
  • Some or all of these combinations of LEDs switch on either at the beginning or during a cycle.

If a light illuminates at the end of a cycle, the cycle may be finished.

  • Check if the door can be opened or if the counter is reset.

If the appliance has a display, check if "End" is visible.

  • Remember that it takes approximately 3–5 minutes before the door opens after the end of a cycle.
  • This is a safety measure for all washing machines.

The cycle may have been interrupted or paused accidentally.

  • Try to restart the cycle by pressing the START/PAUSE button.
  • Any faults are indicated by a flashing LED, usually accompanied by an error code visible on the display. In this case, contact an Authorized Service Center.

You can contact an Authorized Service Center by clicking on the link below.