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Oven displays demo - Omega


If the oven displays demo - Omega, refer to the suggestions below for step by step instructions.

15.2 – Demo Mode in Omega User Interface:

 Enabling/disabling demo mode:

  1. Hold down the on/off button 2017-11-14_0020.png from OFF mode for at least five seconds (see Figure 48).

  1. The user interface switches to standby for five seconds and returns to OFF mode. The alarm sounds (see Figure 49).

  1. Release the on/off button 2017-11-14_0020.png (see Figure 50).
  1. After you have released the on/off button, hold down the combination function selector 2017-11-14_0020.png + arrow key 2017-11-14_0048.png for two seconds (see Figure 51).

If demo mode is enabled:

  • Demo mode is indicated by the “Demo” icon if the oven is in demo mode (see Figures 53 and 54).

If demo mode is disabled:

  • The “Demo” icon will not be displayed if the oven is switched on.
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