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Hood is clogged


Cooker hoods are designed to absorb unpleasant odors from the kitchen. They remove solid particles and minimize unwanted smells. 

They are not designed to remove steam. However, by design they do remove a certain amount of it, depending on the size of the kitchen, airflow and the amount of steam produced.

  • Check the air hood on the outer air intake vent, on the roof of the building or the outer wall. 
  • Check the air pressure in front of the external extraction channel when the hood is on.
  • If there is no airflow, there may be a blockage in the pipe system. 
  • Contact an Authorized Service Center, if necessary. (You can contact an Authorized Service Center by clicking on the link below).
Cleaning / replacing hood filters:
  • After approximately 30 hours of use, the metal filters should be cleaned, either in a dishwasher or hand-washed. 
  • Use an intensive cycle at a minimum of 65 °C without washing sensitive or delicate cookware and glassware at the same time.
  • The filter may change color, depending on the dishwasher detergent used and the composition of the metal in the filter.
  • Paper filters are considered disposable items and should be replaced.
  • Carbon filters must also be replaced or washed if the hood’s absorption capacity is reduced. This depends on the amount of steam that is produced by the cooking zone.
  • The hood’s continued performance can only be maintained if the filters are cleaned and / or replaced regularly.
  • If the appliance is in re-circulation mode and does not have an outside ventilation system, check that the carbon filters are inserted properly. If they are dirty or damaged, replace them with new filters.

You can find filters and other accessories in the Webshop. (You can visit our Webshop by clicking on the link below).