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There is rust on the refrigerator, freezer, refrigerator - freezer


If there is rust on the refrigerator, freezer and refrigerator - freezer, refer to the suggestions below for step by step instructions.

On pipes:

A coating of patina or rust on pipes or pipe joints is normal and not a fault with the appliance.

  • This coating is formed when pipes and refrigeration system components are cleaned before being soldered together.
  • This is done to ensure that the joints between elements of the system are hermetically sealed. 
  • The coating has no influence on how the appliance functions or on its service life and will not, in most cases, be visible after the appliance is installed..
On the door:

Rust on the door may result if too much water was used when cleaning it.

  • The door should be cleaned using a damp cloth, as outlined in the user manual. (If you do not have your user manual, refer to Where can I find the user manual for my appliance?).
  • The formation of rust may be accelerated if the appliance is located in a humid environment, or if the protective paint was scratched or damaged.