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Interior light in my refrigerator, freezer, refrigerator - freezer is flashing or doesn’t work


If the interior light is flashing or doesn’t work, the bulb may be loose or defective.

  • Follow the instructions in the user manual to tighten or replace the bulb. (If you do not have your user manual, refer to Where can I find the user manual for my appliance?).
  • A flashing bulb or LED may also indicate that ambient temperature is too high or too low. Check the temperature classification on your appliance’s data label.
  • Correct operation can only be guaranteed for SN class products within an ambient temperature range of 10 °C to 32 °C.

Specification of climate class on the rating plate:

2017-08-25_1114 (1).png
  • Class N = 16 - 32 °C
  • Class SN = 10 - 32 °C
  • Class ST = 18 - 38 °C
  • Class SN/T = 10 - 38 °C